Our Company

We Are Carpenters is a Singaporean carpentry company that specializes in custom-made furniture and also offers complete renovation and contracting services.

Our vision

Here at We Are Carpenters, we work with our customers to understand their vision, from the most thorough renovation to the smallest repair job.

Our mission

Every home is different. A dream space that’s tailored to you and team that with a well-thought out idea. And there it is, easy living.


In-House Carpentry

No idea is too small, no creation is too radical  – With more than 40 years of experience, our in-house carpenters delivers products of the highest quality through excellent craftsmanship.

Home Renovation [Residential]

Create a space you love to be in – Explore our collection of home designs while not breaking the bank to create the home of your dreams.

Brand Design [Commercial]

Be it your ideal space or dream to create something in line with your company’s branding — if you can think it up, we will take care of the rest


Renovation companies tend to say the same things.

“We understand your needs, we bring fresh ideas to the table, we’re super responsive, we’ll bring the outside perspective you need.”

To be honest, while it’s true, it’s also old and tired. How do prospects actually trust the words coming out of our mouths if they hear the same thing from every companies they meet? The proof is in the company and clients we keep. How long have we worked with our clients and what do they say about us when asked. These are the things that prove our values and our differentiators in the industry.

– We Are Carpenters


Listen, our clients will tell you.

Their stories are our work, and our work tells our story.